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Haloalkanes & Haloarenes for NEET | JEE | XII - Video , Notes & Book list

Organic chemistry class XII 
Haloalkanes or Alkyl halides are the Halogen derivatives of Alkanes.
Haloarenes or Aryl halides are the Halogen derivative of Benzene.

Classification of Haloalkanes - They are of following types - 
(a) Primary (b) Secondary (c) Tertiary halide..
Note - Following video explains the full Haloalkane & Haloarenes in details - 

Books for NEET | JEE | XII | XI -
Objective chemistry for NEET -
Objective chemistry for JEE9Mains + Advance) -
Organic chemistry objective Book -
Inorganic chemistry Objective Book -
Physical Chemistry Objective -
Objective Errorless Chemistry for NEET | JEE -
Objective by R.C. Grover for JEE -
Objective by R.C. Grover for NEET -
For Board & School exams - Class - XI -
For Board Exams Class - XII -


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