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IUPAC Nomenclature of Organic compounds - Work problems - Part - 1

Dear Students , Try to solve the Questions given in the video based upon Nomenclature . This exercise is highly useful for NEET | JEE | XII | XI -


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Nomenclature of Organic compounds - MCQ - 2

Students try to solve following MCQ on Nomenclature. Write your Answers in comment sections. Video link is - 


Solve the following questions  and write Answers in Comment section . Target of the test is JEE | NEET .

Nomenclature of Organic compounds , Common names & IUPAC names

Nomenclature means to assign name to any substance . In organic chemistry names are of two types - (a) Common names (b) IUPAC names. Common names are also known as Trivial name. Following Notes will help you in understanding IUPAC as well as common nomenclature. Note - Videos are given in last. NOTE -  CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOADING THE BOOK ON NOMENCLATURE OF ORGANIC COMPOUNDS