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Relationships !!! In Family & at Workplace ....... Whose responsibility ?

 Is it important that someone else care for you? Can't you take care of yourself?

That is why relations are there. We all know .."अकेले आये हैं , अकेले जाना है "...
If life is a plant then #relations are its nourishment . Every Mineral is important for proper growth and functioning of living system , in the same manner every relation has its own importance for a peaceful and glorious life.
हर एक रिश्ता जरूरी होता है। … 
So why we forget to maintain cool relationships in our family and our work place?

                                                     Relations In Family
If some body can live alone.... it does not mean you let them live in isolation. Be with them , cheer them up , show them they have a nice place in your life.

It is the era of low tolerance , no restrictions & demand of luxury  with no realization of duties .
"अधिकार की बात सब करते हैं लेकिन कर्तव्य एवं उतर्दायित्वों की बात कोई नहीं करता"
Everyone talks about their rights and never about their duties .
If we understand our duties , rights will be awarded automatically .
In our family most of the issues are due to the need  of dominance in the #family ,  possessions & #money etc.
 दिल  से नाज़ुक नही दुनिया में कोई चीज साहब..लफ्ज़ का वार भी खंजर की तरह लगता हैं ..

Friends life is to live and if you allow others to live , you will enjoy #beautiful life .
जिन्दगी अगर आप औरों को जीने देंगे , आप एक ख़ूबसूरत जीवन को जीयेंगे .
A family can be nourished only when , if you respect the space of others . 
Give space to each other , Give smile to each other , it will always multiply happiness & bond among the members.
Every relationship is special , we must do something constantly special to make it special , devote quality time with family members.
  • What is wrong or inappropriate  ? 
   Ans - Any thing which is not according to your #wish or against your wish is definitely WRONG.

...Give space to other's wishes too , instead of expanding your expectations . 

A contended person always ready to make STRONG BONDS.

At workplace , respect other's position . 

Relations at work place 
Salary never underestimates other's worth or allow other to dominate . 
Remember -
You never work for other , but you work with each other .
आप किसी के इशारों पर नहीं . बल्की एक दूसरे के साथ , एक दूसरे की उन्नती के लिये कार्य करते हैं.
Respect each other.
At last I would like to suggest -
"Wanna peace , create peace .
शांती चहते  हैं तो शांत रहिये। . 
"Wanna respect , give respect "
 सम्मान देने से सम्मान बढ़ता  है
"Wanna earn money , create resources for other's too "
सम्पत्ति चाहते हैं तो दूसरों को सम्मपन् कीजिये 
"सम्मान दीजिये , न की समाप्त करने की इच्छा रखिये"

ख़ुद से सवाल कीजिये -
1.What exactly is the meaning of #relationship ?
2.How will I  be able to bring smile on the face of my family member ?
3.Am I justifying my position in my #surroundings?
4.Are you trying to dominating others?
5.Do you know your potential exactly ?
6.Are you working for #development ?

Important - Friends waiting for your Precious comments ...

“If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.”#relations #pradeepsharma # life coach #sonipat #family #Boss #PICS #INSTITUTE


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